The Guide to Cheltenham & Gloucestershire Cycling Clubs

One of the best things about cycling is riding with others, and joining a club is a great way to do that. Gloucestershire is lucky enough to be a county with a large number of cycling clubs, and great quality ones too.  So we’ve decided to dedicate an article to promote these. Without further ado, here are Cheltenham and Gloucestershire cycling clubs.

Cheltenham Cycling Clubs

Cheltenham and County Cycling Club (CCCC)

With over 300 members, CCCC is one of the oldest and most trusted Cheltenham cycling clubs in the county.  There is plenty of room for riders of all levels, and there are separate groups for Road, Cyclocross, Mountain, and Ladies. The club is affiliated with a whole bunch of cycling organisations and its prices are more than reasonable, especially for the quality of rides and kit.

They run a number of events which you can access on their website calendar, from group rides to time-trials. If you love to ride, you’ll love this club.

If you’re interested in joining get in touch with the club on their website.

Cheltenham Cycle Touring Club (CCTC)

CCTC presents themselves a little differently to other clubs in the area, as its main focus is on communal cycling and exploring all that Gloucestershire has to offer. The club would be perfect for cyclists who are just looking for some epic scenery and a top-notch social experience. They are active across the week, with several rides going out to accommodate your work and family lives.

To join the club, they only ask you be fit enough to ride, to bring supplies and repair kit, and to be well prepared for any conditions. All that’s left then is to enjoy the ride.

You can find their website at Cheltenham CTC.

The Woodmancote Wheelers

This club is a little smaller than the others, but its drive and passion for cycling is just as large. Operating out of the Woodmancote area of Cheltenham, the club has hosted a number of events and charity fundraises to keep its members busy throughout the year. It’s very open to new members and advertises an average social pace of around 16mph per ride.

The club is very clear about its ride etiquette, with the usual formation being 2 abreast in groups of no larger than 16. However, if the roads are narrower or traffic conditions worsen, then the group must reform into single file.

Visit their website at Woodmancote Wheelers.

Winchcombe Cycling Club

With room for both road riders and mountain bikers, this clubs supports a number of activities from MTB enduro events, time-trials, touring, to sportives. Membership costs to the club are extremely low (go to their website and see for yourself), and guest riders are welcome on all rides. They are based in Winchcombe, and ride throughout the area. They even have a nifty for sale/ wanted page on their website.

Winchcombe Cycling Club, for more.

Gloucester Cycling Clubs

Gloucester City Cycling Club

This is a club with big scope. They provide social and cycling events for members of all levels and abilities, and offers the opportunity to ride both at home and abroad. If you’re a road rider looking for a club and want the flexibility to join a different variety of rides and opportunities, the Gloucester City Cycling Club might just be the one for you.

We couldn’t possibly tell you everything this club has to offer here, so get over and visit GlosCityCC for much more.

Leadon Vale Cycling Club

The legacy of the London 2012 Olympics meant something special to many British athletes (of all levels), and was the spark for the formation of this particular club. They cover both road and MTB disciplines, and you can partake in up to 3 rides with the club before having to become a member, giving you plenty of time to figure out if it’s right for you. Based just outside of Gloucester, the club meets several times a week with three difficulty levels available: scenic, intermediate and sporting.

Find out more about Leadon Vale Cycling Club.

Stroud Cycling Clubs

stroud valley velos

Stroud Valley Velos

Based in the Stroud area, this thriving community of local cyclists host various road rides for different skilled riders. With a good ethos of never leaving a person behind, this may be the perfect club to join if you’re in the area and looking to join a Gloucestershire cycling club. Their Facebook group is very active and they use Strava to clock all their club hours.

See if the Stroud Valley Velos are for you.

Cirencester Cycling Clubs

Performance Cycles Club

A worthwhile investment is joining this club based in the Cirencester area. Primarily a racing club, you get a wealth of great discounts and exclusive offers with your annual membership. However, if you are in the area and it is a local club, they offer three group rides on a Saturday to cater for varying abilities.

Find out about memberships at Performance Cycles Club‘s website.

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