50 Amazing Cycling Gifts – Gifts for Cycling Enthusiasts

Are you in need of cycling gifts for that passionate two wheeled loving person in your life?

I continue to see my Christmas days and birthdays filled with cycling presents, but that’s okay with me. I’ve put together the longest list on the internet (I think) of the items I would personally love, and would be perfect for any cycling enthusiast.

Have a look below and solve the what to buy them dilemma!

The cycling gifts mega-list

zinn adn the art of road bike maintenance

1. Zinn & the Art of Road Bike Maintenance – £21.24

Gift the knowledge road bike maintenance with this extraordinary book which is guaranteed to help out a future bike mechanic.

2. Cyced custom cycling artwork – £27

A great addition to a bedroom or living room and one of our very own made at Cyced. Cyced prints are personalised to each cyclist’s adventure, whether a one-day ride in the Lake District or a 10-day bikepacking trip across the Alps, we can make a custom cycling map for you.

pro cycling top trumps

3. Pro Cycling trumps – varies

There are a load of variants to this classic game, and a perfect cycling gift to live on your coffee table.

uci bike cushion

4. UCI Bike Cushion – £20

A sofa isn’t a sofa without a piece of cycling on it, right? This UCI inspired cushion will add a pop to any respectable cyclist’s living quarters.

topeak multitool

5. Topeak multitool – £16.99

Show you understand your cyclist’s pain and suffering for when they get a puncture or need to tighten up their saddle with a super duper cycling multi tool.

Pantani movie

6. Pantani Movie – £5.99

An incredible movie about the incredible Pantani. This film is exciting, inspirational, and deeply moving, and not only just a gift for cyclists.

rapha essentials case

7. Rapha Essentials Kit – £45

Honestly, it’s a pain to remember which jersey pockets you put your items in. This case solves that and it’s a good looking cycling gift too.

coffee hamper

8. Coffee Hamper – £25.95

Coffee coffee coffee. Every cyclist needs coffee so why not give this awesome present to them?

cliff bars

9. Cliff Bars – £14.10

A pack of tasty treats to help energise the cyclist in your life. Peanut butter is my fave but there are lots more flavours!

svelte arm warmers

10. Svelte Armwarmers – £12.50

A colourful cycling gift for those with temperamental arms or if it’s cold and winter outside.

cycling holiday

cycling holiday

11. Cycling Holiday – £XXX

Alright money bags… What a present, and one that will never be forgotten. Cycling holidays are a great way to escape the UK’s doom and gloom.

bike cufflinks

12. Bike Cufflinks – £37

Got someone in your life that can’t go to a formal occasion without dropping some small talk in about cycling? Well they’ll love these.

primal socks electric

13. Primal Electric Socks – £8

WOAH. Edgy. A gift for a cyclist that will certainly stand out. Like a zebra galloping the grey roads of Britain. Majestic.

14. Pact Coffee Starter Kit – £12.95

Starting to regret making this list 50. There’s a lot to type up! Some more coffee for you, but trust me when I say it’s f****ng delicious.

bike necklacce

15. Bike Necklace – £4

Affordable jewellery for the love of your life. But seriously, if they’re the love of your life spend a bit more than just £4. They deserve it.

bike bracelet

16. Bike Bracelet – £35

“Hey, but the bike necklace was £4, what gives?” I don’t come up with the prices. Get both for under £40! What a brilliant cycling present.

build your own bamboo bike

17. Build your own bamboo bike – £272

Your panda best friend will love you for gifting this to them. Seriously though, it looks ace and I need to get one.

personalised bike notebook

18. Bike Notebook Personalised – £12

These notebook gifts look great and better yet, you can personalise them. Everyone knows personalising gifts means you love them more.

19. Wiggins Chocolate – £14.10

Inspired by Wiggins? Want to be a pro cyclist and win the Tour de France? Eat some chocolate.

20. British Cycling Membership – varies

Gift a membership and send a ton of benefits, including discount at cycling retailers, cycling holidays and much much more. Also needed if they’re planning to race.

the program film

21. The Program – Lance Armstrong Movie – £7.99

A how-to guide to become a great cyclist by one of the most respected bike riders who has proved to everyone that you can be hated and shamed, but continue to earn lots of money.

names on frames

22. Names on Frames Stickers – £7.99

Give the cycling gift of personalisation with these bike stickers. I too often forget my name whilst out on a ride.

bike repair kit

23. Bike Repair Kit – £10

It’s a good cycling present filler along side another gift. I’d be pretty miffed if this was all I got though; maybe I’m entitled..

bike wall mount

24. Bike Wall Mount – £93.19

I would really like one of these as a cycling gift. To my landlord, if you are reading this please let me attach one to my living room wall. Please!


25. Muc-off Ultimate Cleaning Kit – £43.99

Gifting a cyclist the full set of muc-off products will make their job of cleaning a little less strenuous.

trex mug

26. T-Rex Mug (!) – £8.50

The cycling shoes make this mug and without them I’m not sure this would have made the list.

personalised bike pump

27. Personalised Cycling Pocket Pump – £24.99

Yes Stuart, pump it up! No better way to motivate one’s self by getting your pocket pump out and going for it.

cyced print mosaic

28. Cyced Print – from £37.99

It wouldn’t be the ultimate list if we didn’t plug our very own beautiful prints twice.

industrial bike mount

29. Industrial Bike Mount – £27.40

A slightly cheaper bike mount that may fit in with the more industrial style of home. A piping hot cyclist’s present.

velodrome taster session

30. Velodrome Taster Session

Most velodromes will have taster sessions for new riders. The coaches will ease you into things and you’ll soon be riding at the top of the banks!

oh shift tshirt

31. Oh Shift T-Shirt – £13.74

Oh shift! it’s only £13.74. I loved this t-shirt when I saw it and will proceed to scream shift instead now when I hit those hard climbs.

Boardman triumphs and turbulence

32. Boardman Triumphs and Turbulence book – £8.99

A book full of intrigue and amazing accomplishments. My first bike was a Boardman after watching a documentary about the man, whilst on holiday.


33. Ass Saver – £5.99

Not to be confused with any kind of medicine (which would be a really weird gift), the ass saver is a cheap but effective mud guard for the commuter. Ass 1, mud 0.

cycling design watch gift

34. Cycling Design Watch – £11.36

I enjoy my casual watches and this one stands out. A sleek design with a perfect stylefor the weekend.

pongocc socks

35. PongoCC Socks – £15

Another pair of socks because we all know socks are an ideal present no matter the occasion. Orange and conveniently labelled to remind you to wash after a cycle.


36. Greg Lemond Mug – £16.50

How many mugs are you going to give for their birthday? Two if you buy everything on this list. This one is a little less novelty and a little more suave.

castelli gloves

37. Castelli Winter Gloves – £26.99

Brrrrr! Chilly right? Even if you are reading this in summer, showing someone you are thinking about their winter cycling season is one of the most thoughtful things you can do.

buff wear

38. Buff – varies

Before you discount it on the design there are a lot of different patterns. Give the gift of a warm cycling neck, a warm pair of ears, a warm nose; you get the jist.

cycling clock present

39. Cycling Clock – £43.85

Oh shift, I’ve missed my cycling club ride! Well you wouldn’t have if you had a ticking clock next to you. Disclaimer: there is no in built alarm clock.

cycle cap 5 panel

40. Cycling 5 Panel Cap – £14.10

A simple design that looks great and as the gentlemen in the image shows, you can wear it casual or on your bike!

bike bbq set

41. Cycling BBQ Set – £32

Do they really like cycling if they haven’t got a BBQ set with bikes all over it? It’s time they upped their game with this sizzling gift.

attack the pack game

42. Attack the Pack Game – £15

Get around the campfire one evening and whack out attack the pack which is a fun game to play with friends and family.

road ID

43. Road ID Bracelet – £25

A simple but useful product. An ID bracelet with the gift receivers details on can be one less thing to worry about when they’re out on the road.


44. Cafetiere – £8

Stop with the coffee gifts already! A cyclist loves their coffee and when you come to fully understand that, you’ll realise there’s not enough caffeine related products on this list.

Hour-Record-Cycling Print-Bradley-Wiggins


Something I’ve been thinking about getting myself. This hanging print looks the part and provides some handy dinner table stats and is part of a 5 piece set.

spokey dokes

46. Spokey Dokes – £3

Suitable for the little ones, but embarrassing for the adults. Pin these to a bikes spokes to make them burst into colour.

monkey lights

47.Monkey Lights – £23

When your mum worries about you commuting in winter, expect these to be wrapped up and in your stocking. Stay visible and stay safe.

rapha bidon

48. Rapha Bidon – £12

The first step to being a good cyclist is by looking like one. The rest will come later or in many cases not at all.

Cyclists training bible

49. Cyclists Training Bible – £22

Now in charge of popular app TrainingPeaks, Joe Friel outlines everything there is to training well and getting better. I’ve got this on my coffee table and there is knowledge beyond belief.

bike chain keyring

50. Bike Chain Keyring – £3.50

Pretty nifty to have on the end of a set of keys. This cycling gift will remind them when they’re driving that they should be on their bike.

So that’s our list of cycling gifts done and dusted. If you have any suggestions, we’d love to add it to our lists… And maybe even to my collection.

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